How Does Acid Reflux Disease Affect Your Oral Health?

Posted on: Friday, Jan 23, 2015

If you have acid reflux disease, you know that it comes with everyday challenges for things that many people take for granted. Acid reflux happens when stomach acid makes its way up into the lower esophagus because the muscles there relax more than they should. The acid from the stomach can irritate the esophagus and even progress further into gastro esopheageal reflux disease, or GERD.


Top Tricks and Tips for Healthy Gums

Posted on: Tuesday, Jan 06, 2015

Gum disease is one of the most common oral health problems. Many people suffer from red and tender gums, gums that bleed, or even painful abscesses on the gums because they do not practice good oral health habits. But while gingivitis is a common condition, it doesn’t have to be. Gum disease is largely avoidable and often reversible by simply following a few tips that will keep your gums healthy and help your teeth out, too.


How Pregnancy Affects Your Oral Health

Posted on: Wednesday, Dec 31, 2014

Pregnancy affects a woman’s body in many different ways. Most of the changes are due to the surge of hormones that pregnancy brings with it. The presence of higher levels of estrogen and progesterone in the mother’s body affect many different things, including how the gums react to plaque in the mouth. The gums of a pregnant woman may be more likely to redden and bleed than other people. This effect, called pregnancy gingivitis, is very common among pregnant women.


Which U.S. Cities Have the Best Smile?


Smile Makeovers

Posted on: Saturday, Dec 20, 2014

You might not think that where you live has much to do with how nice your teeth look, but it is true that some U.S. cities just have brighter smiles than other ones. Plenty of factors go into how brilliant a town’s smile profile is, such as access to good dental care and cultural elements such as diet and popularity of exercise among the city’s inhabitants. If you’re looking to visit a city and be greeted by charming people with great teeth, you could do worse than these top ten dental health cities.


The 10 Most Important Dental Advances in the Last 100 Years


Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted on: Saturday, Dec 13, 2014

Dentistry has come such a long way in just the past 20 years that it’s hard to imagine that humans have been practicing the science since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Some of the major advancements in dentistry along the way have been to help make the patient more comfortable, others were big steps in the area of cosmetic dentistry. Let’s take a look at the past century and see which improvements meant the most to the practice of dentistry.