Is It Possible to Brush Your Teeth Too Much?


Are you an oral health care zealot? Do you floss twice a day and bring your toothbrush with you to work to brush after every meal and snack? If you do all of these things, chances are your teeth are in excellent shape and you rarely get bad news during your twice yearly visits to the dentist office. But it’s … Read more

The 10 Most Important Dental Advances in the Last 100 Years


       Dentistry has come such a long way in just the past 20 years that it’s hard to imagine that humans have been practicing the science since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Some of the major advancements in dentistry along the way have been to help make the patient more comfortable, others were big steps in the area of cosmetic … Read more

Major Advancements in Dental Imaging Technology


There was a time when all of the imaging technology a dentist had at his disposal was his eyes, and maybe a pair of glasses. The development of x-ray technology in the 20th century was a huge advancement for all of the medical sciences, including dentistry. Dentists could then see potential dental problems, right down to the root. Now … Read more

How Does U.S. Dental Care Compare with Other Countries?


Americans are known throughout the world for their smiles, and part of that is due to widespread dental care. People in the United States have plenty of dentists to choose from, and that includes general dentists for overall dental health as well as cosmetic dentists for those seeking smile makeovers and dental restorations. Some of the best dental schools in … Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry – Is Your Kid Worried about Getting Braces?

Kids Braces

If you have recently learned that your child will need braces, you may be one of the lucky few whose child is excited about it because all of his or her other friends have them already. But chances are that you have found that your kid is less than enthusiastic the prospect of orthodontia. But you how important it is … Read more

Periodontal Treatments – Nuts: Good for Your Health, Bad for your Teeth?


Unless you have an allergy, nuts are excellent sources of nutrition. Raw tree nuts are especially good for you, and have been linked to lower cholesterol, good heart health, and a lower cancer risk. Nuts are packed with antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids. Nuts are full of protein, as well, making them an ideal snack for people worried about weight … Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry – How Could Cosmetic Dentistry Change Your Life?


      The goal of cosmetic dentistry might seem like simply changing the outward appearance of a patient’s smile. However, using today’s cosmetic dentistry procedures to go about improving your smile has far-reaching effects beyond just appearance. Fixing unsightly imperfections with your smile is often the same thing as correcting unhealthy parts of your dental structure. Cosmetic dentistry can also impact parts … Read more

New and Improved Technology Gives You More Choices For Straight Beautiful Teeth


Cosmetic dentistry is always improving by giving patients better results, quicker treatments and more convenience every year. It's not the same dental clinic anymore. With improved techniques, equipment and materials, what was impossible 20 or 30 years ago is now a common occurrence in the day of the dentist.

It's very apparent that teeth whitening are the most popular procedure … Read more

White Teeth and a Great Smile is Mandatory in Our Present Society


What is with our culture being so obsessed with white teeth?

Have we gone overboard in our society?

In the modern day it's not only fashionable, but also demanded to have white teeth. Many people think it's gone too far. Some may think this, but the thought that comes up is that we were born with white teeth. People … Read more

There Are No Longer Any Excuses to Having the Best Teeth Possible


Cosmetic dentistry is definitely growing in popularity and is becoming as common as people having a computer or cell phone. In fact, these days if you don't keep up with technology, you are at a disadvantage. That might also be true for not trying to improve your smile with the many advanced procedures that can be performed today.

A survey … Read more