Laser Dentistry – What Are Lasers Used for In Dental Care?


While it may sound like futuristic technology, lasers have actually been in use in dental care for a couple of decades now. Precision is a key element for all aspects of dentistry, and lasers are one of the most precise tools available.  Much like other dental tools, the ability to control the power output of the laser has huge advantages … Read more

A Month for a Dental Crown? How About an Hour?


In the past, dental crowns were a two-appointment affair. If you bit down on something hard and broke a filling, or worse, cracked your tooth, you would need to schedule two dentist visits. In the first office visit, the dentist would numb the area and prepare it for the crown by drilling and filing down the tooth. An impression of … Read more

Laser Dentistry – Fast Becoming the Tool of Choice


You have probably heard of lasers being used in the dental office, but you or your family may not know a dentist that uses one. Most likely the reason for this is that out of all the dentists in the country, only around 3.5 percent of them actually use lasers in their practice.

You might be thinking, “If this is … Read more

Forget the Pain of a Drill and Receive the Superior Benefits of Lasers


Laser dentistry is definitely the way to go for any dental procedure. Lasers have been used in so many ways with endless possibilities.

Lasers Are Far Superior at Cavity Detection

Traditionally, the main way to detect cavities was for your dentist to use a dental explorer. This is basically the sharp instrument that's used to scrape teeth. A laser can … Read more

The Biolase MD Laser is the New Wave of Pain Free Dentistry


Laser technology in all areas of medicine and science is here to stay. Every year, the technology improves, becomes safer and patients are more satisfied with the results and comfort they receive while they are receiving their treatments.

In the area of dentistry, the laser system of choice is becoming the Biolase MD. It has received such great reviews, … Read more

Laser Dentistry-The Latest Technology Can Change the Experience You Have at the Dentist


Laser dentistry is here and the technology just keeps getting better and better. Unfortunately, there is still only a minor percentage of dentist that use lasers in their practice. Even though only a small group of dentist use lasers to perform all their dental procedures, it's still a good idea to learn more about lasers and how it could benefit … Read more