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Cosmetic Dentist NYC - It Seems Incredible That You Can Have A Near Perfect Smile In Only Two Visits

You probably don't want to admit it, but like everyone, you give yourself a good look over everyday in front of the mirror. We all want to look good for ourselves and others, but we don't always have control over how we look.

Or do we?

During your daily mirror session, you probably look at your teeth. If you don't like them, a cosmetic dentist nyc can completely change them. If you have chipped, discolored, or spaces in your teeth, lumineers can change all that.

At Central Park South Dental, we can transform the appearance of your teeth in two painless visits. On your first visit, we take a very precise mold of your teeth. At this time, with input from the cosmetic dentist nyc, you will decide what would be the perfect shade of white for your new permanent look.

On your final visit, we will check the lumineers for the proper fit and shade. If it all checks out, we will painlessly attach them. It couldn't be simpler to have a permanent bright white smile just like your favorite celebrity. This quick and easy procedure is long lasting and you'll enjoy superb white and nearly a flawless look for life.

What Will Change in My Life?
  • Total confidence with with your look. You'll know you look great and you can show it without hesitation. You don't have to cover your mouth anymore.

  • Better social life. Everyone will be more attracted to you.

  • Move up the corporate ladder. No one wants to admit it, but looks come into play when landing that job or advancing in your current profession. If you look and feel better about yourself, it will show in an interview as well as on the job.

We believe that you'll receive only the finest care from a cosmetic dentist nyc and a professional staff that has only your best interest in mind. We care how you look and feel. Experience a real difference with the latest methods and equipment that produces only the very best results possible. Don't hold off any longer. Schedule an appointment today either over the phone or use our convenient online scheduling service and get ready to change your life.