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Dental Crown – A Breakthrough Discovery That Will Change Your Mind Forever

If your not excited yet, then you need to be. We have a service and procedure that's going to change the way you think about visiting the dentist forever.

At Central Park South Dental, we continue to stay one step ahead of the curve by offering a same day dental crown procedure . You're probably thinking if you heard that right. You did, and with the very best technology that dentistry has to offer, we'll provide you with a simple, fast and easy way to have your own dental crown placed in one sitting.

Thanks to the E4D Dentistry System, you can have an easy visit with better outcomes all at the same time. When you visit our office, you're need for a dental crown will be assessed. Your tooth will then be scanned and the image will be entered into the computer using advanced 3 dimensional computer software. This gives us the ability to form the crown exactly to perfectly fit in your mouth.

After all the data is collected and the adjustments are made according to your individual needs, an in-house milling machine will produce the crown according to the exact requirements. The milling process takes minutes as compared to weeks of waiting the conventional way.

You can relax in our office while you wait. After the milling is complete, we will do some touch up to make sure it looks as close to natural as possible. Then, we'll place the restoration and you'll be on your way with a permanent dental crown that will last a lifetime.

We're excited to offer this service to our patients because we believe it will benefit you by:

  • Only one visit
  • Avoid discomfort and inconvenience of a temporary crown
  • Save time
  • Doesn't interrupt your busy schedule

Our mission is to provide the very best technology and treatment period. We have a 20-year history of treating all our patients with the finest care. We treat “excellent service” seriously and strive to improve ourselves everyday.

If you want the convenience of a one-visit dental procedure, we'll provide you with the very best dental care and outcome possible. Our patients have been with us for years because of these traits.

So go ahead and give us a call or schedule and appointment online and see if a same day dental crown procedure is right for you.