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Dental Crowns – Discover How Technology Provides You With the Best Treatment Possible

Nobody wants to hear that they need dental crowns. It's by no means your induction into the royal family, but rather a big royal pain on the hind side. However, almost everyone, including yourself, are going to need one or two in this life. So it's important to go to the right dentist and have it done correctly the very first time.

Preparing to receive dental crowns can become a big deal in terms of time and inconvenience. Who has the time and wants the inconvenience? We have a solution that will change you mind and apprehension forever about this procedure. It's a revolutionary same day treatment that makes getting dental crowns fast, easy and with far better results than the traditional 2 visit plan.

The E4D System makes it possible to allow us to do everything required to give you beautiful natural looking crowns that will last you a long time. We can prepare your tooth and restore it in one easy visit. No more stress over scheduling time for multiple appointments and the total inconvenience of a temporary crown. For most people, this gives them many problems between visits while they're waiting for the permanent one.

You can leave the stress behind, because we'll take care of you from the initial call till you leave the office. We have many years of experience placing crowns and now with this powerful new system and modern dental materials, we can restore your teeth as close to natural as possible, while not having to rely on a third party lab to do it.

At Central Park South Dental we care about our patients and that's why we are always offering them options to provide the best results, convenience and pleasant experience possible with every dental procedure.

All the technology in the world doesn't replace the experience of a dentist. The difference in experience can be a crown that has to be replaced in 5 years versus 35. Fortunately, we have the skills, combined with the technology, to give you incredible results that you'll see and feel.

Our friendly staff is ready to take your call and schedule an appointment. Also, for convenience, you can make an appointment for a consultation online. Either way, we're here to serve you and make sure your dental crowns are placed quickly and skillfully in one visit, so you can get on and enjoy your life.