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Dental Implants in New York - You Deserve a Beautiful Smile And and Eat Anything You Want

Central Park South Dental offer you a real solution to a bothersome problem. Most of us take life for granted until we're faced with something that endangers our way of life. Missing teeth, dentures or bridges can turn your world upside down. You might have a really hard time talking, because of the slipping and clicking of your dentures that could even cause you pain, discomfort and a daily reminder of how limited you really are.

Have you ever passed up a dinner invitation or you're just not very social because you're embarrassed of what might happen when you eat, laugh or speak?

You might feel self conscious about smiling and in addition, you can't eat what you want, when you want. Also, if you're missing teeth, what are people thinking when you smile? Even if they're not your front teeth, you still have to be careful about what you eat and worry about further decay to surrounding healthy teeth and gums.

What can you do?

At Central Park South Dental, we how you feel because we've treated and helped numerous patients over the years with exactly the same problem. We can place dental implants that will restore your look as close to natural as possible. We use the latest technology, equipment and expertise to restore your teeth and smile to how it was always meant to be.

What will happen when we replace your tooth or teeth with dental implants?

  • Increased confidence
  • Peace of mind knowing that you can count on your teeth
  • Implants that will last a lifetime
  • Eat anything you want
  • Never let your teeth embarrass you again
  • No more inconvenience and pain
  • Get back to normal again

Why do you want to receive this procedure from our office?

  • 20 Years experience placing dental implants
  • Exclusive Use of pain free lasers
  • Computerized anesthesia which means no pain
  • State of the art equipment
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and caring staff

We really care about your oral health as well as your appearance. We want all our patients to have the highest quality of life possible and we do everything we can to contribute to that, by offering the most advanced dentistry possible.

We'll provide the service you expect to get the results you want. Don't delay and schedule an appointment today. Call us or schedule a consultation online, so we can begin to immediately serve you.