Dental Implants in NYC – The Secret Of a Beautiful Smile and Functional Teeth

Do you have cumbersome dentures, unstable bridges or missing teeth that make it difficult to chew as well as embarrassing to smile?
What Makes Implants Different?
An implant, unlike dentures and bridges, are securely placed in your jawbone and can literally take the place of you natural teeth. Because of advances in modern technology, they will look and act just like your original teeth.

 How Does This Benefit You?

  • Regain your confidence – We have seen our patients lives transformed from this procedure. What’s it worth for you to smile again and know you have a replacement that is just like your natural teeth.
  • Convenience – Throw away all the denture creams and the embarrassment of your teeth not functioning like they should. Also, wondering what people are thinking when you have to avoid eating certain foods or drinks and maybe even being caught with your teeth out.
  • It’s far healthier for the short and long term. Any spaces or gaps between teeth and gums can allow further decay by bacteria caused by food. Dentures bridges and missing teeth allowthis decay to take place and that can affect other healthy teeth and gums as well as your overall health.

We are at Central Park South Dental can offer the solution to all these problems with implants. We stay on top of the latest methods to offer you the very best results. We know that the process is as important to you as the end result. I’m sure you want to experience the least amount of discomfort every time you visit the dentist.

Again we offer state of the art dentistry such as computerized anesthesia to make your visit a painless one. Also with the use of the most modern laser technology, we can significantly reduce pain and recovery time after implants are placed.

Please give us a call or conveniently schedule online at your earliest convenience so we can help restore your teeth as well as your health and confidence.

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