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Gentle Non-Invasive
Laser Gum Treatment

Find a Periodontist - Proven Advice To Maintain Good Overall Health And Keep Your Teeth -- By An Expert

To find a periodontist can be the most important decision you'll make this year. We're sure you want to avoid the problems of gum disease and possibility of pain and tooth loss. That's why it's important to receive the most reliable care from a dentist that has the finest training and experience available.

What kind of treatment can you expect from an experienced professional?

It's critical to find a periodontist that can do the very best job. Education, experience, the latest methods and technology are all important. At Central Park South Dental Care we also think this is extremely important. We strive to deliver you the best service and care. We have 20 years experience in successfully treating gum disease. We really want each patient to have the most effective outcome.

When you visit us you will receive:
  • A comprehensive consultation and evaluation to pinpoint exactly what needs to be done. We provide computerized records, the lowest level of radiation with the use of digital radiography and pain free computer aided anesthesia.

  • Painless treatment using of the Biolase MD laser. This technology successfully and effectively treats decayed gums with exact precision. It's been approved by the FDA specifically for gum disease. We only want the very best technology for our patients. This means you will receive your treatment without a painful drill. It's also minimally invasive with shorter recovery times than traditional methods.

We are friendly and professional. From your very first call, you'll feel welcome. We strive to serve each patient to the very best of our abilities and will happily answer all your questions. If you want the very best in dental care, give us a call. We're here to help. If you can't call, you can always reserve an appointment online from our website at anytime. Your health means a lot to us, so don't put it off any longer.