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Cosmetic  Laser Dentistry New York City

Unlike traditional dental or surgical interventions, the use of a laser allows for extremely precise solutions to dental problems. Lasers can effectively treat Gum Disease better, safer, and more effectively than any other treatment method. The action of the laser selectively removes diseased tissue while sparing healthy tissue. This is one of the many reasons Central Park Dental care has focused its practice on the most proficient use of lasers possible. Dr. Oleg Klempner and his staff at Central Park Dental are the premier New York practitioners of Laser Dentistry and use only the latest generation of FDA approved laser technology in the treatment of Gum Disease.

The use of lasers is also not limited to the treatment of Gum Disease. It can be used aesthetically to whiten teeth and to treat decay without the use of a drill. This is because the intensity of the beam of light can be varied and controlled so precisely. It can be used to control, vaporize or simply shape soft tissues. At higher intensities, it can be used in the same way as a drill upon the teeth, but with much greater control.

What is a laser and why has it revolutionized the practice of modern dentistry? A laser uses invisible energy to remove diseased tissue from your gums with little or no bleeding and dramatically less discomfort. A laser:

  • Is minimally invasive.
  • Causes little or no bleeding.
  • Has a very rapid recovery time. Many patients resume regular activities the same day.
  • Causes no swelling and virtually no pain. Even after the most intense procedures, most patients are normally prescribed nothing stronger than over-the-counter drugs like Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

If you, a family member, or anyone you know has been recommended or is considering gum surgery, do yourself a great favor and see us first at Central Park Dental, New York’s premier Laser Dentistry provider.