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Gentle Non-Invasive
Laser Gum Treatment

Periodontist – There's No Reason To Fear

Are you risking the health of your teeth and gums because your just too plain scared to go to a periodontist? If you said yes you're not alone. The Academy of General Dentistry has determined that 20-40 million Americans fear going to a dentist. You might also feel this anxiety even in the face of major tooth and gum problems.

We at Central Park South Dental Care understand your fears. That's why our dental treatments are very different than what you would expect. We believe you should receive the very best care without the discomfort and pain you might have experienced the last time you made a visit to a periodontist. We make it our mission to stay up with the latest technology and science.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at our extremely effective yet gentle techniques. It's time you left that anxiety and stress behind and maintain healthy teeth and gums again. At our office you'll receive:

  • Laser dentistry – You might be surprised to know that we are one of the few dental practices that offer this technology with the very latest equipment. Actually we're very surprised too, because laser treatments are safe, effective and best of all painless. Our patients are most pleased with not only the results, but not having to endure the high speed drill that the majority of other practices are still using. We want our patients happy and this one of the reasons why they remain our patients.
  • A friendly knowledgeable staff – We know that our number one priority is to have happy satisfied patients. The way we go about everything reflects that priority. You'll know that when you visit us for your next treatment.

We have the experience and the desire to make sure you maintain healthy teeth and gums in a safe and friendly environment. If a periodontist is who you need to help you keep a healthy smile for years to come, then give us a call or conveniently schedule an appointment online. If you hesitated in the past about going to the periodontist, don't delay any longer. Experience the difference by starting today.