Central Park S. Dental Care

Same Day Dentistry
Thousands Now Have Crowns Placed In One Visit Who
Never Thought They Could

The visit to the dentist has dramatically changed over the years. You can be the first to benefit from recent advancements that have taken dentistry to a whole new level. This extraordinary change everyone is talking about is “same day dentistry”.

Imagine conveniently scheduling a visit to your dentist for a restoration procedure and leaving a few hours later with permanent crowns. That's it. No return visit, it’s done and you're ready to continue on with your day

Is This Reality or Science Fiction?

This is the real deal and at Central Park South Dental it’s our mission to provide you with cutting edge breakthroughs to give you a painless and enjoyable experience every time you step inside our our office. We realize your time is precious, so we don’t want you to take any more time than necessary to receive the outstanding care you’ll receive at our office.

How is Same Day Dentistry Possible?

Using the advanced E4D Dentist System, we can complete what used to take 2 full appointments in just one visit. You see, because of the most advanced technology, materials and equipment, we can do everything on-site. The preparation, scanning, design, milling, final touch ups and placing are done in our office.

We know that you’re going to be excited as much as we are with this new and easy approach to tooth restoration. Our patients are extremely happy with the time they save, the ultimate convenience and the spectacular results received. We want you to call us or conveniently make an appointment online. See for yourself what same day dentistry can do for you.

How Does This New and Advanced Procedure Benefit You?
  • You don’t have to change your busy schedule for a follow up visit. The procedure itself is so efficient and quick, that you won't have to drastically rearrange your schedule.

  • It’s a healthier alternative to conventional restoration procedures. Taking advantage of same day dentistry means you don’t need to have a temporary crown while you wait for your new restoration to be completed. Many things can happen to your temporaries in the 3 or 4 weeks between the initial and final visit. I’m sure you would like to bypass this process and same day crowns can make that possible

  • Less discomfort and pain. One visit means fewer shots and less discomfort.