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Tooth Crown – We Can Save You Time With a One Visit Procedure

A tooth crown can become an essential part of restoring a beautiful smile as well as maintaining good oral health. The procedure is not at all what you might think. Today's advancements in dental technology have revolutionized how dentists perform this procedure.

We believe that a patient deserves the latest developments and the best results possible. Because of this, we continually research, learn and implement new methods that will give you the best outcome. This is why we currently use the E4D System to successfully place a tooth crown.

Why is this different?

It makes going to get crown work simple, easy, convenient and fast. In fact, you'll be in and out in one visit. There's no more rescheduling your day and making room for a second appointment. The system allows us to evaluate your tooth, prepare it and have the crown placed on the same visit.

Because of the advanced scanning and computer technology, a virtual 3-D representation can be made of your tooth. We can make all of the modifications right in the office. It has even the capability of showing us the final result before it's even milled.

Of course, our extensive experience in restorative treatments combined with this sophisticated system, makes it possible to achieve stunning results. After we correctly make all preparations, we can transfer the information electronically to the milling tool. In minutes, the tooth crown is created to the precise specifications needed for a proper and permanent placement.

The non-metal material is milled on both sides simultaneously and the results are comparable to a lab manufactured crown. If you've been holding off going to the dentist to have a tooth crown placed, you don't need to delay any longer. We can schedule an appointment for you and in no time you could leave with a beautiful, permanent restoration that will last you a lifetime.

We want to restore your smile as well as the proper functioning of your teeth. At Central Park South Dental, we take pride in caring for our patients. We're sensitive to your needs and we listen. Pick up the phone and give us a call today. Also, you can conveniently schedule an appointment directly on our website. Either way, you'll be glad you called to undergo the one-day tooth crown procedure.