Overcoming Dental Anxiety and Fears

Overcoming Dental Anxiety and Fears - Cosmetic Dentist NYC

Did you know an estimated 9% to 20% of Americans will avoid visiting a dentist because of fears and anxieties, and if you feel this way then you’re certainly not alone as it is a worldwide phenomenon. If the thought of visiting a dentist leaves you feeling terrified or panic stricken then you may have a dental phobia which is … Read more

One Hour Crown: Better Than a Conventional Crown?

One Hour Crown: Better Than a Conventional Crown?

Normally when you need a new crown then you will have to go through a process of having a tooth prepared, an impression taken and a temporary crown fitted until your permanent crown can be made and fitted at a later appointment. This usually takes at least a couple of weeks. Wearing a temporary crown can be a less than … Read more

Cosmetic Dental Treatments: Quick and Easy Fixes

Cosmetic Dental Treatments Quick and Easy Fixes

While it’s true some cosmetic dental treatments can be pretty lengthy, others are very quick and relatively easy and of course this helps keep them affordable. This can be a great solution if you’d like to quickly improve your smile but don’t want to spend too much money or time doing so.

Enamel Contouring and How It Can Help

One … Read more

A Closer Look at the Implant Overdenture

A Closer Look at the Implant Overdenture (1)

Lots of people who have conventional dentures, particularly lower dentures fail to wear them very much due to problems with them staying in place. Using dental implants can help stabilize dentures and has been shown to be a particularly successful way to help people who currently struggle to wear their dentures. This is a long-term treatment and has an … Read more

Gum Recession Treatment: Looking Long in the Tooth?

Gum Recession Treatment Looking Long in the Tooth (

Have you noticed your teeth look longer than you remember? Perhaps you can even see some of your tooth roots? If the answer is yes then you may need gum recession treatment. When gums recede, they pull away from the edges of your teeth, exposing more of the tooth roots. This process can also create pockets or gaps in between Read more

Understanding Difference: Fixed vs Removable Dental Bridge

Understanding Difference Fixed vs Removable Dental Bridge (1)

If you have recently inquired about dental implants to replace all your upper or lower teeth, then your dentist might have mentioned having a fixed or removable dental bridge. So what is the difference between each of these options and which is best?

Fixed Dental Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth

If you decide to opt for a fixed bridge … Read more

Things You Need to Know About Advanced Laser Dentistry

Things You Need to Know About Advanced Laser Dentistry

Here at Central Park S. Dental Care we firmly believe in making sure our patients can benefit from the most advanced and sophisticated treatments and techniques which is why we have invested in the very latest laser technology. By using a dental laser, we can provide you with a more comfortable experience during your appointments with us. Advanced laser dentistry … Read more

Dental Implants: Permanent Solution for Tooth Loss

Dental Implants Permanent Solution for Tooth Loss (1)

The implications of having missing teeth are far reaching. Tooth loss makes it much more difficult to eat properly and it can be a chore having to avoid many favorite foods that used to be on the menu. Having a reduced number of food items that can be comfortably eaten can also impact your nutrition. It is far more difficult … Read more

Why Periodontal Pockets Require Urgent Treatment

What Are Periodontal Pockets - Central Park S. Dental Care

If you have recently visited a dentist only to hear you have active gum disease, then you might have heard them mention periodontal pockets or gum pockets. These definitely aren’t a good thing to have and here is why. Gum pockets are an indication that your gums are infected with bacteria that cause periodontal disease and you should take action … Read more

Missing Back Teeth: Replacement: Why It’s Important

Missing Back Teeth Replacement - Central Park Dentist NYC

Lots of people will lose one or two teeth during their lifetime, for example due to tooth decay or gum disease, or through some sort of accident or trauma to the tooth (Read also: Gum Disease Treatment). Most people will want to replace missing back teeth  if these spaces can be seen when talking and laughing with others, but … Read more