Normally when you need a new crown then you will have to go through a process of having a tooth prepared, an impression taken and a temporary crown fitted until your permanent crown can be made and fitted at a later appointment. This usually takes at least a couple of weeks. Wearing a temporary crown can be a less than perfect solution as even though we do take quite a bit of time and care when fabricating these temporary crowns, they are never going to look and feel as good as the real thing. This is why having a one-hour crown can seem like a lifesaver. In just an hour you could have a brand-new crown with no need for a second appointment. However, is this generally the optimal solution, and when is a one hour crown best used?

When Might It Be Better to Have a Conventional Crown?

There’s little doubt that one hour crown can look and feel absolutely amazing without ever compromising on quality. The fact that they can be completed in just one hour can be a lifesaver if you happen to need a crown in a hurry. The benefits are easy to see, but in spite of this we may still suggest having conventional crowns under certain circumstances. This might be the case if you are having a comprehensive smile makeover with perhaps multiple crowns and maybe veneers or bridges (Learn more: One Hour Porcelain Veneers). In this case having conventional crowns will still be the best option as our highly skilled technicians will handcraft them, making sure that all your new teeth blend in beautifully. This close attention to detail can under certain circumstance provide much better aesthetic results.

One Hour Crown: Better Than a Conventional Crown?

What Is the Process for Having a One Hour Crown?

With a one-hour crown your tooth will still need to be prepared under a local anesthetic but from then on the procedure is rather different from having a conventional crown. Instead of having a dental impression taken of the prepared crown, our dentist here at the Central Park S. Dental Care will scan your tooth using a tiny camera. This will seem immensely appealing to anyone who has a strong gag reflex and who finds it uncomfortable to have a dental impression. Once the tooth has been scanned, this information is used by our dentist to custom design your new one hour crown.

Latest Technology in Dental Restoration

The next stage is for the design to be sent to our on-site milling machine and for the correct block of porcelain to be chosen. Your new crown will be milled from a solid block of porcelain that is pre-shaded. We keep a huge stock of these porcelains on-site so we can get an extremely close match to your natural teeth. It doesn’t take very long for your new crown to be milled, after which it will be hand finished in our dental laboratory and can be stained and glazed as necessary to fully characterize it. Once ready, it can be tried in and fitted. The nice thing about these one hour crowns is that because they are created using the very latest CAD/CAM technology, the fit is incredibly precise, providing you with an extremely high quality restoration that is very strong and long-lasting.