Did you know an estimated 9% to 20% of Americans will avoid visiting a dentist because of fears and anxieties, and if you feel this way then you’re certainly not alone as it is a worldwide phenomenon. If the thought of visiting a dentist leaves you feeling terrified or panic stricken then you may have a dental phobia which is more serious than dental anxiety. Often people with a dental phobia will know they are behaving irrationally but are unable to overcome these feelings. People with dental phobias may avoid dental visits until they are in extreme pain, by which time dental treatment can seem even more frightening.

Let Us Help You with Dental Anxiety

The good news is that you can overcome these fears and anxieties and our friendly and caring dental team here at the Central Park S. Dental Care can do a great deal to help you. Over the years we have managed to successfully treat many people with dental anxiety and phobias. You will find we take your concerns extremely seriously and we will try to discover why you feel this way and we can work with you to discover the best way forward so you can receive essential dental care.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety and Fears - Cosmetic Dentist NYC

Contact Us and Experience Gentle and Caring Dental Care

The best way to approach dental anxiety is to call us and have a chat with our friendly reception team to see if you’d like to make an appointment to visit us. If you decide to come and see us, we do allow plenty of time to talk to nervous patients and we are highly experienced so no matter how deep-seated your fears, there will be a way we can help you. One thing we often find can help significantly is making people aware that they are always in control, even if they are in the middle of treatment. To do this we will give you a simple hand signal to stop treatment at any time. We will not continue until you feel comfortable for us to do so.

Sedation Dentistry Can Help More Nervous Patients

If you are very anxious then sedation dentistry will keep you more comfortable. There is no need to worry as you will be continually monitored during this treatment to ensure you are safe and comfortable at all times. The sedative administered can be relatively light, such as Nitrous oxide or laughing gas, or you might want to opt for oral sedatives that are taken a while before treatment begins, while intravenous sedation can be extremely useful for anyone with significant dental anxiety.

We might also suggest intravenous sedation if you need quite a bit of treatment as it will enable us to carry out much more work during one comfortable appointment, making dental care much easier for you to cope with. The nice thing about intravenous sedation is that even though you will be awake during the appointment, you will feel extremely relaxed and even quite sleepy. Once the sedative has worn off it’s unlikely that you will remember very much about your treatment. This can be a great way to help you get good dental health and our aim is for you to feel comfortable enough to visit us at six monthly intervals for checkups and cleanings. Once you have a nice smile it is quite easy to maintain it and good dental health helps to protect your general health.