Here at the Central Park S. Dental Care, we want our patients to benefit from the very latest and most advanced diagnostic technologies, which is why we have chosen to invest in a cone beam CT scanner. We believe this is an essential piece of equipment for planning and diagnosing a number of different treatments and it is certainly much easier to have all this equipment on site. When you come to visit us, we can quickly diagnose any potential problems, making treatment that much faster and smoother. If you require dental implants then a cone beam CT scan is absolutely essential and will help ensure your treatment is a complete success.

Why You Might Need a Cone Beam CT Scan

A cone beam CT scan is a three-dimensional image, giving dentists a much more information and can be obtained from a normal 2-D dental x-ray. With a CT scan, a dentist can see all the soft and hard tissues in the area being examined, enabling them to identify important structures that include nerves and blood vessels as well as the position of teeth yet to erupt. CT scans can be useful for diagnosing problems with wisdom teeth, for planning root canal treatments and orthodontic treatments, as well as planning dental implant treatments.

What Is a Cone Beam CT Scan?

Is a Cone Beam CT Scan Safe?

Cone beam CT scanners are especially designed to minimize exposure to radiation by concentrating the radiation in one cone-shaped beam. This is quite different from the normal CT scan where the radiation is in a fan-shape and where exposure is considerably more.  You are only likely to need a cone beam CT scan very occasionally and we only recommend these scans when necessary. The benefit of having this type of detailed image far outweighs the risks and our cone beam CT scanner is extremely modern and is meticulously well-maintained.

What to Expect When Having a CT Scan

This procedure is pretty quick and non-invasive. You do need to remove all jewelry and anything else that is metal and which could interfere with treatment. To take the scan, your chin will be positioned on a comfortable rest and you will need to remain still for a few seconds while the arm of the machine travels around you, collecting the information used for your scan.

The Advantages of Having a Cone Beam CT Scan

The highly detailed images provided by a cone beam CT scan help dentists to precisely plan your treatment. For example if you have a badly infected tooth, we might suggest using a cone beam CT scan to see the extent of the infection and to plan any root canal treatment. The CT scan will show the shape and size and location of all the root canals and this information will help ensure treatment proceeds more smoothly and more quickly. When it comes to having dental implants, a CT scan is invaluable. With this information our dentists can pinpoint exactly where to place your dental implants, ensuring they miss all essential structures while making sure the implants can function just like real teeth. Preplanning also helps to ensure that your new teeth will look amazingly natural.