This is a question our dentists at the Central Park South Dental Care are often asked by patients. After all if a tooth doesn’t hurt and it’s only a tiny chip then how much can it matter? Unfortunately the answer is that it matters if you have chipped tooth and even a small chip or crack could lead to a tooth infection if not properly treated.

Repairing a Broken or Chipped Tooth

The reason for this lies in the way your tooth is constructed as it has a tough layer of tooth enamel on the outside that protects the dentin inside the tooth which is a much softer substance and is more easily eroded away. Right in the center of the tooth is the pulp which contains the connective tissues, blood vessels and nerves of the tooth. If you have ever had toothache then it’s likely this part of the tooth will have become infected and this can happen when bacteria in the mouth can get into the tooth through any small untreated crack or chip. Ignoring even a tiny chip could mean that you will need root canal therapy in the future to save a badly infected tooth.

Luckily is quite easy to mend a chipped or cracked tooth and this type of treatment is relatively inexpensive and could certainly help save you money in the future. Additionally repairing your tooth will ensure your smile always looks its best as a chipped tooth can look unsightly.

Does It Really Matter If You Have Chipped Tooth?

How Can You Fix a Broken Tooth

There are quite a few different ways we can repair a chipped tooth depending on the amount of damage and the structure that has been lost. The most straightforward is to bond the tooth with tooth colored composite resin. This is a quick and inexpensive treatment that can be carried out in just one easy appointment. To do this, our dentist will need to remove any damaged tooth structure before carefully applying the composite resin in small increments. The composite resin is hardened using a special light and is then ready to be shaped and polished. We only use the most advanced composite resins that can look amazing, producing results that are very lifelike.

Porcelain Crowns and Veneers

If the damage is more severe then we may need to cover up the tooth perhaps with a veneer or crown. These are made from porcelain and are hard wearing and long-lasting. To have this restoration, we will first need to prepare your tooth for either the crown or veneer and the next stage can vary (Read more: porcelain veneers Manhattan NYC).

If we need to make your crown or veneer in our dental laboratory  then we will take a detailed impression and you can return at a later date to have your new restoration fitted and bonded in place. In the meantime we will fit you with a temporary restoration to avoid tooth sensitivity and so you can smile normally. Another option might be to have your restoration made while you wait and we can do this by using our on-site milling machine that will make your crown or veneer from a single block of high quality porcelain. We will always recommend the choice we feel will provide you with the very best and most aesthetic results for your chipped tooth.