At Central Park Dental (Midtown NYC) we offer laser treatment to wide range of gum conditions. We are using the most advanced dental equipment available on the market in US. State-of-the-art dental laser required for Gum Therapy can eliminate the need for stitches and is very gentle as it uses laser energy combined with a fine spray of water and air. 

In addition to Laser Dentistry and Gum Therapy we offer a wide range of restorative, preventative and cosmetic dental procedures in Midtown, NYC

Laser Dentistry in Midtown NYC

Laser Dentistry and Gum TherapyOur dental office has invested in a state-of-the-art dental laser that is is extremely gentle as it uses laser energy combined with a fine spray of water and air.

We feel this is a worthwhile investment for the benefit of our patients as our dental laser enables us to treat a wide range of gum conditions while creating minimal discomfort.

Often we can carry out procedures without the need for local anesthetic and we’ve listed a few of the reasons why laser dentistry can be so good.

  • Enjoy faster healing and fewer side-effects. Patients who have laser dentistry will find they heal more quickly and there are fewer side effects such as swelling. Laser dentistry can eliminate the need for stitches and, making treatment much more comfortable.
  • Laser dentistry produces less bleeding. This is because the laser energy automatically seals any small blood vessels that may be cut during treatment, so again healing is quicker and there is a lower risk of infection.
  • Our dentist can be extremely precise when using a dental laser, cutting away only the tissue that needs removing while preserving the maximum amount of healthy tissue.
  • Laser dentistry is extremely good when used for gum therapy treatments as it helps to reduce bacterial infection by sterilizing the areas treated.

Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

We may use our dental laser to treat gum disease as the precision it provides is extremely useful in cutting away badly infected or destroyed tissues, enabling the healthy tissues to heal more quickly.

Laser treatments may be provided as part of ongoing periodontal care for advanced gum disease and as recovery is so quick, patients are able to return to work or everyday activities the following day.

Laser Cosmetic Dentistry

Our dental laser is extremely helpful in reshaping gums, for example if someone has what’s called “a gummy smile” where the teeth are covered up with excess gum tissue. This can make it appear as if teeth are too short when they may be the correct length underneath.

Sometimes it may only be necessary to reshape one or two gums, while other times we can carefully reshape all the gums visible when smiling to create a more aesthetically appealing appearance. This treatment is minimally invasive when carried out with a dental laser and its precision is extremely useful for this cosmetic procedure.

All procedures are performed in our Midtown NYC, Central Park South Dental center. If you have any questions about Laser Dentistry and Gum Therapy or to make an appointment please call our Midtown Manhattan dental office:

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