Snap on Smile

What is Snap-On Smile?

Snap-On Smile was developed as an affordable way to improve a smile. This restoration is strong and beautiful and easy to look after. It can be fitted onto your upper or lower teeth and while it’s in place you’ll be able to eat and drink. Snap-on-Smile® is made from a high-tech composite resin. These teeth are extremely thin yet strong and will fit on top of your natural teeth to give you a beautiful, yet natural looking smile. This restoration will cover up your entire arch of teeth and is kept in place only by your natural teeth so there is no need for messy adhesives. Our dentist won’t need to make any changes to your existing tooth structure so there is no need for local anesthetic.

Who Could Benefit from This Treatment?

This treatment can be a good choice for anyone who has gaps or unsightly spaces in between their teeth or who has stained or crooked or missing teeth. It can be a useful solution for anyone unable to have a bridge or dental implant or for someone with a partial denture and who would prefer to find an alternative.

Snap-On Smile Procedure

An initial consultation with our dentist will help determine if you are suitable for this treatment. If you decide to go ahead, our dentist will take a mold of your existing teeth which will be sent to the laboratory so your new Snap-on Smile restoration can be made. This may take a few weeks and once your new teeth are ready then you can return to our office for a second appointment. During this appointment we will fit your new teeth and if necessary can make any minor adjustments. You’ll be able to wear your new smile home.

Snap-On Smile After Care

We can supply you with a special proprietary cleaning solution and full instruction on how to keep it thoroughly clean. It is important that you look after your new restoration and that you clean it regularly as otherwise it could negatively affect the health of your natural teeth. With proper care, your new restoration could last for several years.