Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry

Our dental office offers a comprehensive range of general and preventative dental treatments that will help you gain and maintain an optimal level of dental health. We do focus extensively on preventative dental care as we prefer whenever possible to ensure your natural teeth remain healthy and strong. Our preventative dental care procedures include:

Dental Check-ups and Hygiene

Often dental problems will not cause any symptoms during the early stages, but prompt treatment could save you from requiring emergency dental care and will help your natural teeth to last as long as possible. Read more about Dental Check-ups and Hygiene

Gum Disease Treatments

Gum disease is a bacterial infection that is extremely common and data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that nearly half the adult population aged 30 or over has some form of periodontal disease (gum disease). Read more about Gum Disease Treatments

TMD & Migraine Treatment

TMD stands for temporomandibular joint disorder and this condition is also called TMJ. Your temporomandibular joints are the joints located both sides of your jaw and which are responsible for moving your lower jaw. Read more about TMD & Migraine Treatment

Custom Mouth Guards

A dental mouth guard is a device that will generally fit over your upper teeth, protecting your teeth and gums and cushioning your jaws against any blows. Read more about Custom Mouth Guards

Tooth Extractions

We do always try to save natural teeth wherever possible but if you have a tooth that is very broken down or extensively damaged by trauma, or which is badly infected then extraction may be the best choice. Read more about Tooth Extractions



Regular check-ups are the cornerstone of any good preventative dental care plan. During your check-up we can detect any small problems, hopefully well before you have any unpleasant symptoms and at a stage when treatment is faster, more cost-effective and less invasive. Regular hygiene appointments are an essential and easy way to keep gums strong and healthy. If you do have any signs of gum disease, we will devise a treatment plan to hopefully eradicate this condition. Early detection is essential as gum disease can be very destructive and will ultimately cause tooth loss and may affect general health.

TMD is a disorder affecting the jaw joints and is frequently associated with clenching and grinding (bruxism). Without the correct treatment it can cause chronic headaches and facial pain that may extend into the neck and shoulders. Our dentist will diagnose the cause of any jaw pain before recommending the most suitable treatments. Our aim is to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible and extraction is always our last choice. If we do need to remove a tooth, we’ll ensure you are comfortable during treatment and we will discuss the most suitable way to replace lost teeth.