At Central Park South Dental (Midtown NYC) we offer a high quality porcelain Permanent Dentures or Partial Dentures. We provide an immediate denture so you can eat and speak more easily.

In addition to Permanent Dentures and Partial Dentures we offer a wide range of preventative, cosmetic and restorative dental procedures in Midtown, NYC

Same Day Dentures

Same Day DenturesMany people have lost multiple teeth or all their teeth in one or both of their jaws and partial or permanent dentures are a popular and cost-effective option. Other option is to use dental implants.

The process to fabricate either partial or permanent dentures is very non-invasive which can be ideal for anyone who feels nervous about dental care.

What are Dentures?

Dentures can be full, permanent, where they will replace all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw, or they can be partial, where they will replace some missing teeth. Dentures consist of denture teeth that may be made from high quality plastic or porcelain, and these are supported on a pink, gum colored acrylic base.

Both partial or permanent denture teeth come in an enormous variety of shapes, sizes and colors so we can select teeth that will blend in with any existing natural teeth, or can create a new smile that will compliment your facial features, gender and skin tone.

The pink gum colored acrylic base also comes in a variety of shades so we can closely match it to your natural gum color. Some dentures are strengthened with a metal alloy base that can also help reduce the overall bulk and weight of the denture.

Partial dentures can be kept in place with clasps that will fit around existing teeth, or we sometimes use precision attachments. These are special attachments that are fitted onto crowns over your natural teeth, with corresponding attachments fitted onto the partial denture so it can be clipped in place.

Full dentures rely on the ridge that used to support your teeth for retention, although upper dentures will cover up your upper palate which does provide a greater degree of support.

Immediate Dentures in NYC

We can provide you with an immediate denture if required. This is pre-made before your teeth are removed using models of your mouth and is fitted in place soon after your natural teeth are taken out so you can eat and speak more easily.

You will find your gums and jawbone will change shape quite substantially after tooth extraction and it can take several months for them to settle down.

This does mean that you may need to have the fitting surface of your immediate denture adjusted or relined during this healing process and until it is time to make a more permanent denture, two or three months after your teeth are extracted.

Wearing Partial or Permanent Dentures

When you first begin to wear a partial or permanent dentures, it will take a little time to get used to them as your facial muscles will need to become accustomed to keeping them in place, and you may need to practice eating and speaking. We can give you lots of advice on wearing your new dentures and if necessary can adjust the fit to make sure the feel comfortable and secure.

How to Care for Dentures

We recommend using a proper denture brush and a proprietary denture cleaner. An ordinary toothbrush is too hard and could damage the surface of your denture, as could ordinary toothpaste or household cleaners although you can use mild dish soap if you prefer.

Make sure you clean your partial or permanent denture thoroughly every day to keep it fresh and clean and to remove plaque and food debris as this will help prolong its life. If you break your denture, please don’t try to mend it yourself as you could damage it. Instead bring it to our dental office so we can arrange to have it professionally mended.

Over time, you will find your denture will begin to fit less well as your jawbone and gums will continue to change shape. When this happens we may be able to reline the fitting surface of your denture to help it fit a little better, or if your denture is older we may need to replace it.


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