At Central Park South Dental (Midtown NYC) we offer a high quality Modern ceramics that are so strong that we can even construct full arch all-ceramic bridges.

In addition to Porcelain Fixed Dental Bridges we offer a wide range of preventative, cosmetic and restorative dental procedures in Midtown, NYC

What Is a Fixed Porcelain Dental Bridge?

Porcelain Fixed Dental Bridges

Porcelain Fixed Dental Bridges

A fixed bridge is a way of replacing a missing tooth and is supported by crowns on the teeth adjacent to the gap. These teeth must be strong and healthy to support the bridge.

Usually these crowns will cover teeth either side of the gap but occasionally it may be possible for a bridge to be supported by one or two crowns covering up teeth on just one side, bridging the dental gap.

This type of bridge is called a cantilever bridge and is only used under certain circumstances. The crowns are attached to the replacement tooth or teeth, and each replacement tooth is called a pontic. The result is a strong restoration that should look and feel very natural.

Fixed Porcelain Dental Bridge Procedure

Our dentist will need to prepare the teeth adjacent to the gap so they can be crowned, and this can be done under a local anesthetic. Once the teeth have been prepared, a detailed dental impression is taken and sent to our dental laboratory.

Your new bridge will be made to a precise prescription, in a shade that will blend in with your natural teeth. We can supply temporary crowns or a temporary bridge to protect the prepared teeth and to hide any visible gaps in your mouth and this will remain in place until your new bridge is ready to be fitted and cemented in place.

It generally takes a minimum of two weeks for a new bridge to be made, depending on the materials chosen.

Your bridge may have a precious metal substructure that is then covered up with porcelain or you can opt for a bridge that is entirely metal-free and which is made entirely from extremely strong ceramics.  Modern ceramics are so strong that we can even construct full arch all-ceramic bridges. All-ceramic bridges can look amazing.

Fixed Porcelain Dental Bridge Aftercare

It is important to keep your new bridge thoroughly clean and you must clean underneath each pontic to prevent food and plaque from becoming trapped. We can show you how best to clean your new bridge and we also recommend booking regular check-ups and hygiene appointments so we can professionally clean around your bridge.

At the same time, we will also check to ensure your bridge is still fitting properly. With the correct care, your bridge should last for many years before it requires replacing.

All procedures are performed in our Midtown NYC, Central Park South dental center. If you have any questions about Porcelain Fixed Dental Bridges or to make an appointment please call our Midtown Manhattan dental office:

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