At Central Park South Dentistry (Midtown NYC) we use a porcelain inlay or onlay (porcelain filling) to repair a larger cavity that has destroyed a substantial part of your tooth structure. Inlay or onlays can be fabricated while you wait in office laboratory and advanced dental equipment.

In addition to Porcelain Inlays & Onlays we offer a wide range of preventative, cosmetic and restorative dental procedures in Midtown, NYC

What is Inlay or Onlay?

Porcelain Inlays Onlays

Porcelain Inlays Onlays

Tooth colored fillings made from composite resin are excellent for repairing small to medium sized cavities, but if you have a larger cavity that has destroyed a substantial part of your tooth structure then we may suggest you have a porcelain inlay or onlay.

You might also hear this type of restoration being called a porcelain filling. Porcelain inlays and onlays are very hardwearing and strong and are ideal for larger fillings where it is essential to restore both strength and structure to a tooth.

If we were to use a composite resin filling then it might not be strong enough to withstand the forces whenever you chew food and there is a risk the weakened tooth could fracture under the strain.

Your porcelain inlay or onlay will restore your tooth so you can bite and chew normally without the risk of the tooth fracturing.

Inlay vs Onlay

Both of these restorations are designed to replace the central chewing surface of a tooth where decay can often occur. An inlay will only repair this central area whereas an onlay is a little larger and will repair the central chewing surface as well as one or more of the tooth cusps.

A cusp is the raised point on a back tooth, located on the inner and outer edges of a tooth, or the edges closest to your cheeks and tongue. Both types of restorations are strong and resilient and although porcelain inlays and onlays cost a little more than a composite resin filling, they will last much longer provided you care for them correctly.

Inlay or Onlay Procedure

Your tooth will be prepared under local anesthetic in exactly the same way as for a normal filling. The next step will depend on whether we decide to make your inlay or onlay while you wait, or if we choose to send it away for fabrication in a dental laboratory.

If we feel your best option is to have the inlay or onlay made by a dental laboratory, then we will take an impression of your prepared tooth which will be sent to the laboratory so it can be fabricated to our specific prescription. Your tooth will be protected with a temporary filling until your new restoration is ready to be fitted and cemented in place.

Inlay or Onlay While You Wait

If you have the inlay or onlay fabricated while you wait, we will not need to take an impression as instead your tooth will be scanned with a small infra-red camera. The information is transferred to a computer, enabling our dentist to use special software to design your new inlay or onlay. The design is then sent to our on-site milling machine where your new restoration will be milled from a block of pure ceramic material before being hand-finished and glazed.

The final result will be a high-quality, precision-made dental restoration that is extremely strong and beautiful. We can then fit and cement your new inlay or onlay permanently in place so there is no need for temporary fillings and no need for a second visit.

All procedures are performed in our Midtown NYC, Central Park South dental center. If you have any questions about Porcelain Inlays & Onlays or to make an appointment please call our Midtown Manhattan dental office:

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