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quote1Dr. Oleg Klempner used the dentalvibe on me today at his office for veneers on my front bottom teeth. I am saying this honestly that when he gave me the novocain shots for all my teeth I didn't know he was doing it with a needle. I really thought he was numbing me with vibration until he told me he invented this dentalvibe thing. WOW!! I did not feel any pain at all whatsoever. Really, really no pain. I couldn't believe it and I’ll never have another shot without it again! My wife is pregnant and when my little one grows up we will only have him or her go to Dr. Oleg Klempner or a dentist that cares so much for his patients like he does, and uses the DentalVibe machine. My wife and I are telling everyone we know about this. Thank you for inventing this really amazing machine. We are grateful. And thank you for my temporary veneers, they look so much better than my teeth used to. Go see Dr. Oleg Klempner.

Jason B

quote1Great Experience. Did not feel a thing!

Yaroslava S

quote1While I was on vacation in NYC, I started with severe pain on my tooth. I went to see Dr. Oleg Klempner. I was in so much pain and very fearful of an injection. Well to my surprise I felt absolutely NO pain what so ever!! He introduced me to the dental vibe and trust me it was amazing. He placed the dental vibe into my mouth which felt like a vibrating sensation, like a good feeling which distracted me from knowing that I was getting the injection at the same time. Trust me, I did not even feel the poke, nothing at all! I would very highly recommend that every dentist all over the world should have one, especially for children. Big thank you to this genius doctor for coming up with this great idea!

Cynthia P

quote1I'm sharing my experiences as I amazes with the results after undergoing a dentistry procedure from Dr. Oleg Klempner at Central Park South Dental Care in New York.
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quote1I'm sharing my experiences and the results I gets after undergoing a veneers and full mouth reconstruction from Dr. Oleg Klempner at Central Park South Dental Care in New York.
video review of smile makeover 06-04-2014